A rewarding career where you can be the difference

At CISSC, we believe greatness exists in every child.  And with every step we take together, we help students find the strength and confidence to look within and see what we see – a bright future just waiting to be realized.

CISSC is a nonprofit that supported more than 18,000 students in 32 schools across the state in 2019.

If you believe in the power of education and letting nothing stand in the way of a child’s opportunity to learn, grow and excel in life, then you’ll score high marks as a member of the CISSC team.  We are a dynamic organization that is making a difference in communities across South Carolina. Join us and “be the difference” in the lives of a diverse student population with untapped potential.

Site Coordinator – St. Johns High School (Lowcountry Region)

Site Coordinator – Greenville Early College (Upstate)