Enhancing educational experiences for students

Across the state of South Carolina, the team at CISSC collaborates with local school staff and community partners to promote student well-being. Our focus on wraparound services and the reduction of risky behavior patterns has proven to reduce drop-out rates as well as reduced depression and anxiety in adulthood.

Fostering one-on-one relationships with each student is at the heart of our work. Our staff forms personal bonds with each student to gain a thorough understanding of their individual needs. We provide direct assistance and connect them to community resources so they can overcome barriers to success inside and outside of the classroom. We help each individual student discover their own ability to succeed – whether that’s completing homework, learning new life skills or successfully graduating and unlocking a path to college or a successful career.

Our staff are trusted advocates and a valuable support system to students. We help them to create a future they envision for themselves by wrapping them in a range of supports:

Behavioral Supports
Behavioral issues can be a result of emotional trauma in the home, environmental events, socialization challenges, or an inability to cope with a variety of situations in and out of school. We bring evidenced-based programs that encourage positive behavioral responses to resolve internal or external conflict with new skills to self-regulate and promote student well-being. Let us make a difference in your school.

Schoolwork help
Our staff find creative ways to help students progress academically by creating optimal learning environments.  We connect students with volunteer tutors and study groups to support reading and math skills, showing them the connection between what they learn in school and how it applies in real life. Get your students the help they need.

Parental engagement
One of the many benefits to working with us and our affiliates are the programs and support services we provide to help parents or guardians be a positive, central force in their child’s education. When parents are involved, students have greater success. Let us help you engage parents in student success.

Graduation success
We believe guiding students to graduation starts on the first day of kindergarten. At every grade level, we expose students to the endless possibilities that await them. Site Coordinators nurture each student’s interests through career fairs, college visits and programs that connect them with life opportunities and businesses across the state. Let’s improve graduation rates together.

Collaborative Initiatives

CISSC staff housed at the Broad River Complex in Columbia, South Carolina, help students successfully transition from a Youth Development Center (YDC) back to their home, school, and community.  Our staff build lasting bonds and serve as mentors to youth to connect them to the necessary resources and services where students can learn new social skills, overcome mental health challenges, complete their education, or transition into the workforce. Programs where CISSC teams have made an impact include

  • Juvenile Justice Intervention Program
  • Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Center After School Programs
  • Charleston area social emotional curriculum
  • Healthy Greenville Initiative
  • OnTrack Greenville

Give every child the chance they deserve.