Class of 2024: LaNasia

Meet LaNasia, a graduating senior from Hampton County High School.

LaNasia’s relationship with Communities In Schools began in middle school, where she found a supportive network of caring adults who provided guidance and encouragement. Reflecting on her journey, LaNasia shared, “With programs like CIS, I’ve always had someone I can come and talk to about anything. It’s about having that extra person in the building you trust to process stuff with, even beyond academics.” At Hampton County High School, that person has been Ms. Tonnya Grant – LaNasia’s site coordinator.

Throughout school, LaNasia has excelled academically, maintained a strong work ethic, and demonstrated exceptional leadership both in and out of the classroom. Her involvement in extracurricular activities, including being captain of the cheer team and a member of the Beta club – in addition to having a part-time job – showcase her commitment to excellence.

As LaNasia prepares to embark on her next chapter at Clemson University, where she will study biology, she credits her community of support – especially her family – for creating a nurturing environment that allowed her to focus, reflect, and grow.

“The advice my site coordinators offer me when I’m able to come and talk to them – it’s been invaluable. They help me overcome obstacles and be resilient in the face of challenges,” shared LaNasia.

Every day, site coordinators like Ms. Grant work tirelessly to ensure students and families are not only connected to the tools and resources they need but also empowered to be their best selves and uplift others along the way. “She may not know it, but LaNasia is a natural leader,” said Ms. Grant. “Her impact on her peers is evident, and she sets a positive example for others wherever she goes.”

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Communities In Schools of South Carolina collaborates with schools and partners to improve retention, promotion and graduation rates. During the 2022-23 school year, 99 percent of seniors enrolled in the CIS program graduated or received a GED. In comparison, the state graduation rate that year was 84 percent.

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