Inspiring bright futures

We inspire, motivate, and encourage students to pursue a lifelong career of learning starting with obtaining their high school diplomas. 


Seniors graduated.


Students promoted to the next grade level.


Students achieved adequate attendance.


Students maintained or improved positive behavior.

We help prepare students for bright futures beyond high school, matching them with mentors and access to career pathways, and exposing them to the exciting prospects of college life and professional development. 

Meet Madison

Madison, a 4th grader with tremendous promise and energy struggled with health issues that held her back a grade and was further challenged with remote learning as the Coronavirus pandemic led to school closures. CISSC was called into action and our student support specialists made a difference.
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Meet Daquan

There is an old saying “a man cannot hit a target he cannot see.” It is the issue with many children who struggle in school, like Daquan a rising sophomore with a lot of promise, but stalled by the need to repeat his freshman year. Outside factors and unclear goals created an uneasy environment for Daquan, but thanks to the help and support of Daquan’s CISSC Success Coach, he is back on track.
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Meet Arthur

Building healthy relationships with students and their families is a core foundation of what CISSC does to promote educational and life success. CISSC site coordinator Whitley Richardson worked with Arthur throughout his senior year, providing basic needs that many of us take for granted. As a result, Arthur is a story that is just beginning to unfold that includes apprenticeships, AP classes, and a few awards for his achievements.
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Meet Grace

Seventh grade can be a tough transitional year for many kids, especially when facing bullying and the impact that others actions can have on one’s self-confidence. Grace is a special student who learned to turn adversity into courage, pride and educational excellence that has propeled her to the next grade level!
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