Class of 2024: Maroon

Meet Maroon, a graduating senior from Airport High School in Columbia.

Maroon’s journey with Communities In Schools began when he met site coordinator Ms. Key in the library, where their shared love of diverse food and cultures sparked an immediate bond. Their connection grew stronger, and Maroon became involved in the CIS program, finding a supportive mentor and friend in Ms. Key.  

For Maroon, finding a sense of belonging has been pivotal, especially as a member of the LGBTQ+ community facing barriers to acceptance. “It’s been a struggle, but knowing that there’s an adult here who really understands – that has been such a source of comfort,” he shared. Through CIS small groups – where students engage in discussions and activities focused on personal growth and support – Maroon found solidarity, fostering connections with peers and building confidence in his identity.  

Looking ahead, Maroon is interested in studying American Sign Language and chemistry, with plans to pursue a role as a pharmacy technician after graduation. Reflecting on his experience with CIS, Maroon expressed gratitude for the guidance he received, particularly when navigating academic challenges and personal struggles. “CIS has provided me with invaluable support and guidance,” Maroon noted. “Ms. Key has believed in me and helped me realize my potential. Having her support has made all the difference.”  

Ms. Key also reflected on Maroon’s journey, saying, “Maroon’s willingness to fight through adversity has always stood out to me. He adds so much value to people’s lives, and I always want him to remember how much he has to offer the world.”  

As Maroon prepares to embark on the next chapter of his journey, he carries with him lessons learned and relationships forged – ready to embrace the future with confidence and resilience. 

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