Meet Arthur

Fostering healthy relationships is a primary foundation for Communities in Schools programs. The light shined bright on Arther, a senior at North Charleston High School whose success is an inspiration to all those around him.

Arthur was a case managed student in the CISSC program. The CISSC coordinator, Whitley Richardson provided basic needs support for Arthur and his family in order to keep him focused on what every young aspiring high school student should be focused on, himself and his education. 

“Her personality was so bubbly and welcoming that I was immediately comfortable talking to her. I spoke with her openly and honestly about some of the challenges I faced inside and outside of school.”

North Charleston High School Senior

Ms. Richardson worked closely with Arthur and his family, easing the stress at home by ensuring basic needs were met. The impact of a warm meal, clothing and a positive study environment is often the difference in educational success and certainly was with Arthur. When basic needs are addressed in the home, the success rate of CISSC and the impact with children like Arthur is noteworthy to say the least.

Arthur’s achievements range from Boeing’s 2020 STEM signing day to Cybersecurity apprenticeships with McLeod Information Systems.  Developing a relationship with Ms. Richardson came easy for Arthur and the impact of that relationship will one day come back around to help others.  In Arthurs case, he has expressed his hope to help someone in his same shoes someday.  We have no doubt Arthur will make a difference in another child’s life one day soon.

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