Meet Madison

Madison is a bright-eyed and creative fourth grader from Welcome Elementary. She began the year discouraged and unmotivated after a medical condition from the prior year left her to repeat 4th grade. Already faced with multiple barriers, the coronavirus pandemic added yet another dimension to her list of challenges. Knowing that Madison had the innate ability to excel in school, the CISSC site coordinator set out to help create an environment that would better foster Madison’s growth.

The first solution was to equip the family with necessary tools to help their children succeed. Madison’s family did not have access to the internet at home, leaving her and her siblings at a disadvantage and no access to online learning. CISSC stepped in by brokering internet services so the children could attend virtual learning classes online. With a proper technical setup, the initial barrier to learning was removed, and a main issue impacting attendance was resolved.

At the same time, a plan for keeping Madison engaged and focused was set into place. The CISSC coordinator began providing bi-monthly home visits, engaging the family and helping Madison set goals for completing and submitting her schoolwork, while using the trust of their personal relationship to help encourage well-being and growth. Together, they all built a support plan to best address the academic and social-emotional needs of Madison and her family.

“Her online attendance is improving and the confidence I am seeing in her makes me hear proud.”

English MacDonald, CISSC Site Coordinator

Madison and Ms. MacDonald are now able to meet weekly since schools have reopened to in-person learning, and the work being done to help empower Madison’s family continues, as together they build a stronger foundation for lifelong success. And we’re proud to report the CIS model is paying off, as Madison’s grades have improved by more than ten points in every subject, her attendance is more regular, and the confidence she has gained in herself is readily evident by the smile on her face and the joy she shares among friends! 

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